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5.6FT Outdoor Dog Kennel with Roof and Bowls, Large Dog House Pen E...

5.6FT Outdoor Dog Kennel with Roof and Bowls, Large Dog House Pen Enclosure with Sidebar - petsandbeyond.co

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About this item

  • Extra side support rodsConsidering the large area of outdoor dog kennels, two additional poles have been added to the sides of the ouside dog kennel to enhance overall stability. The large outdoor dog kennel is made of fully galvanized pipes with a diameter of 1.18 inches and a thickness of 0.8 mm, making it more long-lasting and extending the lifespan of your chainlink outdoor dog kennel.
  • 4 Effective UpgradesLyromix outdoor dog kennel has upgraded the edge of iron mesh, metal ties, 2.5mm thick iron wire mesh, and the safe lock. The edges of the mesh are wrapped together in a more sturdy structure to effectively prevent the mesh from loosening and bending. While we have equipped 250 pieces of stainless steel ties to stabilize your wire mesh, making it more firmly surround the large outdoor dog kennel.
  • Rotating Dog Feeding Door The door of the dog kennel is equipped with a feeding device which can open the upper door to add food. There are three levels of height adjustment, so you can adjust the height of the most suitable dog holder according to the size of your lovely dog. And it comes with two stainless bowls so that you can use it directly
  • Large Space for Dog PlayThe dimensions of the large dog kennel is 7.5*7.5*5.6ft. You can DIY an area to place a dog house and a dining area. Your lovely dog can play, run and exercise in a comfortable environment with freedom and happiness. You no longer need to worry about your dog getting depressed from being locked up all day
  • Rainproof Roof and UV ProtectionThe outdoor dog run is equipped with a waterproof and UV-proof PE cover which not only allows raindrops to fall quickly but also provides enough protection from UV radiation, creating an excellent place for these lovely guys to shelter from any weather.
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